Retail Logistics

The customer: High Street retailers, supermarkets, importers, wholesalers.

The customer: High Street retailers, supermarkets, importers, wholesalers.

Sabre has a wealth of experience in retail logistics. Customers can take full advantage of our extensive global network of connections, particularly in China and the Far East. We manage the movement of regular orders – large or small – either directly from the Far East or via the wholesaler.

We understand that retail contracts include a lead-in time prior to manufacture – and that there can be heavy financial penalties if an order isn’t shipped, or doesn’t arrive on time and in full.

The Sabre team keeps abreast of global sea freight timetables. We are always aware of the earliest sailing dates from China and the Far East so we can help you to plan ahead, using sea freight as a more economical transport solution.

We appreciate that a wholesaler does not want to accumulate too much stock. So we will help you manage your supply chain effectively to achieve the fine balance of a fast efficient turn-around and cost effective logistics.

Please contact us about tailored contracts and fixed rates for regular orders.

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Our global network of agents ensiures gloabl solutions with local contacts and service

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