Open Top Shipping Container Sizes


Open Top 20' Open Top 40'
Inside Length 19'4" 5.89m 39'5" 12.01m
Inside Width 7'7" 2.31m 7'8" 2.33m
Inside Height 7'8" 2.33m 7'8" 2.33m
Door Width 7'6" 2.23m 7'8" 2.33m
Door Height 7'2" 2.18m 7'5" 2.26m
Capacity 1,136 ft3 32.16 m3 2,350 ft3 66.54 m3
Tare Weight 5,280 lb 2,394 kg 8,490 lb 3,850 kg
Max. Cargo 47,620 lb 21,600 kg 58,710 lb 26,630 kg

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