The customer: Computer manufacturers, suppliers and distributors; electronic equipment manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers.

The hi-tech sector, such as the electronics and computer industries, are likely to be transporting delicate items such as computer components, hard drives, and CAC security cards which can be fragile. As well as expecting timely delivery, the customer is concerned that these goods will arrive intact and undamaged.

Sabre will arrange to ship these fragile components using the most efficient, safe and reliable method for your product.

We will advise on the most effective packaging, drawing on our own in-depth expertise and liaising with our experienced supply chain professionals.

If the worst does occur and any items are damaged in transit, we are here to advise on the correct procedures. We will notify the client so they can plan for any delays, deal with the insurance claim and do our utmost to iron out any other problems which may arise.

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